Introducing Barton Connect

Introducing our brand new telemetric technology, Barton Connect. This technology will remotely read your oil levels, making sure that you never have to worry about manually checking your tank levels (especially in the freezing winter months) and will keep a constant supply of oil running to your household/domestic property all year round. You’ll be able to check your oil levels from your computer or mobile device, so whenever you’re running low or think you need a little bit extra when visitors come to stay – it’s easy to be prepared for any circumstance and check on the app beforehand.

There are a wide range of benefits to installing the Barton Connect monitoring device in your tank, including:

Non-Invasive Installation

Avoid costly repairs with our expert Barton Connect installation, carried out by a trained member of our team. Our advanced radar technology reads through plastic, eliminating the need for drilling and preserving your tank’s integrity, saving you money in the long run.

Battery Powered

This monitor runs on long-lasting batteries (5+ years) for total independence. Perfect for remote locations without Wi-Fi.

Access to your Tank via App or Desktop

Our convenient app and desktop platform show you exactly how much oil is left in your tank and track your daily usage. Say goodbye to guesswork and fuel emergencies.

Flexible Heating for Flexible Lives

Enjoy the convenience of knowing you can easily request a top-up when needed, on our payment plans. Whether it’s a surprise snowfall or a family gathering, you can ensure that your home always stays warm and cosy. 

Leave the refilling to us! 

Never stress about empty tanks again. If you’re happy for us to do so, we’ll set a custom refill threshold and automatically deliver your oil when needed whenever we’re in the area.

Multiple Network Coverage

Able to connect to the 3 major networks, EE, O2 & Vodafone – let us know if you’re in a blackspot for phone or with any other network and we’ll see what we can do for you.


A completely sealed unit that can not affected by the environment around it such as dust or humidity.

Forget worrying about running out, wondering how much oil is left, or stressing about when and how much to order. Our brand-new telemetric technology remotely monitors your tank daily, providing accurate and real-time readings. You can leave the monitoring and ordering to our friendly sales team – experts who are always on top of your needs. However, if you prefer complete control, simply access your tank levels and request refills anytime, anywhere, using our convenient computer, laptop, or mobile app.

Contact your local depot today or find out more here:  and see how Barton Connect can help you keep on top of your tank!

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