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Unleaded PetrolKeeping your local garage supplied

We supply premium and normal unleaded petrol to a number of small to medium sized retail petrol stations. We understand the local markets and the difficulties smaller sites are faced with. We also understand and recognise the importance many of our sites play in their local community. If you are seeking an independent supplier of petrol on a supply basis only, or would like to discuss the provision of an image for your site please contact your local depot for details or use the enquiry form on this page.


LubricantsWe’ve been an authorised distributor of Morris lubricants for over 30 years

Continual investment in the latest laboratory equipment enables Morris Lubricants to deliver products for the most demanding of applications their world-renowned Research and Development department is constantly innovating to develop the next generation of world-class lubricants for plant and equipment. Morris Lubricants expert team works in close collaboration with the world’s major plant and construction equipment OEMs to ensure that their manufacturer-approved range of products continues to meet the very latest and most stringent of global standards.

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AdBlue We can meet your AdBlue requirements

AdBlue is a clear, colourless 32.5% Aqueous Urea Solution used as a fluid in the latest generation of diesel-powered Euro4 & Euro5 Trucks. It is the registered trademark for AUS32, or Aqueous Urea Solution 32.5% that is used with the Selective Catalytic Reduction system (SCR) to reduce emissions of oxides of nitrogen from the exhaust of UK diesel vehicles. You can purchase AdBlue from us in bulk from 2500-36000 litres. Smaller users can choose from a variety of pack sizes 1000 litre IBCs, 200 litre drums, 18 litre cans and 10 litre cans.

AdBlue Our Available Adblue Products

Click the links for more information about the range of CleanAir Adblue products we provide:

Safe and easy to handle the 2 litre bottle for cars and light vans, comes with an auto shut-off nozzle for spill-free dispensing. The nozzle is removable and can fitted to our refill pack. Manufactured to ISO 22241standard and suitable for all Euro 6 car and van diesel engines

Part Number: 4303CAR (Bottle with Nozzle) 4303CARREF (Refill)

Shelf Life: Minimum 12 months

Storage: Cool Dry Conditions

Volume: 2 litres

Filled Weight: 2.5kg

Distribution: 144 x 2 litres to a pallet (Bottle with nozzle) / 216 x 2 litres (Refill) to a pallet Non-returnable

To ensure that operators do not run out of AdBlue® on the road, our 10 and 20 litre packs are the ideal emergency solution.

The 10 and 20 litre facilitate a truck driving 600km and 1200km respectively.

The cans are ergonomically designed and come with an integrated spout to enable spill-free filling. The cans are designed to be stackable.

Part Number : 4303C (10) 4303K20 (20)

Shelf Life : Minimum 12 months

Storage : Cool Dry Conditions

Volume : 10 and 20 litres

Filled Weight : 11.5kg for 10 litre / 22.5kg for 20 litre

Distribution : 90 x 10 litres to a pallet / 60 x 20 litres to a pallet Non-returnable

This system is a handy 210 AdBlue® drum ideal for small fleets.

A 210 litre drum facilitates a truck driving approximately 12,500 kilometres.

Quality manual hand pumps are also available to enable spill-free lling.

Part Number : 4303N

Shelf Life : Minimum 12 months

Storage : Cool Dry Conditons

Volume : 210 litres

Filled Weight : 238kg

Distribution : 4 x 210 litres to a pallet Non-returnable

1,000 litre IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Container) are the ideal system for small to medium fleets using approximately 25,000 litres of AdBlue® per annum.

The IBC is a closed system with a robust Steel chassis and offers both top CDS and bottom gravity dispensing of AdBlue®.

High-quality dispensing systems are available with a choice of 12, 24 and 240v electric pump sets, manual hand pumps or gravity hose kits.

Part Number : Dual Dispense 4303ID

Shelf Life : Minimum 12 months

Storage : Cool Dry Conditions

Volume : 1,000 litres

Filled Weight : 1,146kg

Distribution : 1,000 litres IBC
Returnable (subject to condition)

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