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Home Heating Oil (Domestic Heating Oil)

Domestic heating oil at the right price plus a reliable delivery – you know you will get these when you buy from us.

We understand the importance of keeping your home warm and cosy all year round. Our friendly staff are always on hand to help and offer advice at every stage, from placing your order right through to your delivery. We have depots all over the country with highly trained staff and experienced drivers who will ensure your heating oil is delivered safely and efficiently.

Thousands of customers rely on us to deliver kerosene heating oil to keep their homes warm throughout the year.

  • Being a locally based company with our own storage for domestic heating oil means we can provide a fast efficient service. In fact quick service is our speciality – within 48 hours or sooner!!! Urgent delivery’s will be treated as a priority
  • Unlike some companies we will deliver any size quantity of home heating oil from 500 litres up
  • We offer an Automatic Top Up service at no extra charge.
  • Being ISO 9001 registered means our customers can rely on product quality and security of supply
  • We offer flexible payment plans. Whether you wish to pay by Debit or Credit Card or by Direct Debit in monthly instalments based on your annual consumption we can tailor a payment plan to suit you. Contact your local depot for further details.
  • We are here to provide advice and assistance with all your domestic heating oil requirements. We can help with tank installations, boiler maintenance and servicing via approved engineers. Fill in the enquiry form to the top left of the page to ask a question, or use the Contact Your Local Depot form on the right to find and call your local Barton Petroleum depot.

Home Heating Oil Additives

Heating oil requires a degree of maintenance to ensure that it remains in the best condition. Moisture and heat can cause fuels to degrade over time and additives help to slow this process down. Heating oil additives contain a mixture of chemicals that prevent oil from oxidising and reduces the likelihood of sludge developing in your tank. This leads to a more efficient burn, making sure that your fuel goes further when heating your home, and helps avoid operating problems and the eventual costs of that causing problems with your boiler.

Our premium heating oil additives contain a combination of components to help maintain quality, reduce fuel related service problems as well as enhancing performance. 200ml of additive will treat 1000 litres of heating oil by lowering carbon emissions, inhibiting sludge formation, reducing deposit build up and stabilising the fuel.

For more information contact your local depot or fill in the form on this page.

Heating Oil Payment Plans

The Barton Petroleum Monthly Budget Payment Plan is offered to make it as easy as possible to manage the cost of your heating oil throughout the year.

Why make a large, one off payment for each delivery when you can balance your heating budget easily?

Let us ease the burden of your heating oil bill with our monthly payment plan.

Sign up to our plan and enjoy these benefits:

  • Avoid big fuel bills – especially during the busy winter period.
  • Spread the cost of heating your home.
  • Budget Payment by Direct Debit will ensure no payments are missed.
  • We regularly review your monthly payments to ensure your costs are manageable.
  • Get up to 3 months credit on your fuel purchases.*
  • No extra charges – we do not charge any set up fee and you are free to cancel at any time.
  • You will receive a priority delivery service and will also be eligible for automatic top-ups.
  • We will send you a monthly Statement detailing the balance of your account.

Contact your local depot today and sign up to the Monthly Budget Payment Plan to start receiving these great benefits.

* If you require a delivery before sufficient credit has been established on your account, we will ask for a lump sum to be paid in advance.

Monitor Your Fuel Use With Smart Guard

Save on your heating bills and safeguard your oil with our Oil Smart Meter.

The Smart Meter is fitted to your oil tank and within minutes will begin to work. The Probe functions to measure: the level of fuel, rate of consumption (per month and year), time until refill is required, alarms set off, quantity of CO2 emissions and average temperature. All this data is sent via satellite signal to CBL and is also accessible for you to view.

Sending a signal 12 hours after fitting and in cycles of 24 hours after that, the Smart Meter can measure 10ths of a litre, allowing customers (and CLB) to know how much fuel is left, and able to estimate how much longer before a refill is required. This lets you budget in advance and lets us buy your oil at the best possible price.

For more information about our smart meters please contact your local depot or fill in the enquiry form on this page.

Automatic Top Ups

Make sure you never run out of fuel again with our automatic top up service

Why not take advantage of our Automatic Top up Service, so you’ll never run out of heating oil when you most need it.

Please give your local depot a call to arrange enquire about the top up service.

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