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Will I Still Get A Fuel Delivery In Abnormal Weather?

Treacherous road for heating oil delivery

Abnormal weather can delay deliveries of fuel to customers and, in extreme cases, prevent delivery vehicles getting through to customers. Members of the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers have a code of practice for dealing with bad weather and situations when there is an unavoidable problem with supply.

Orders will be prioritised on the basis of need and customers will be asked:

  • How many days’ supply they have left/how much oil remains in their tank
  • If they have anyone vulnerable in the household
  • If they are in a position to come into the depot to collect some product to tide them over until a full delivery can be made
  • If they have run out/are about to run out, have they any other form of heating or any relatives who could help
  • If they have already placed an order with another company
  • If there are any difficulties with access to the property or tank.

Fuel distributors will inform the local authority of any vulnerable customers they are unable to help.

We also ask customers to help us when things are difficult by:

  • Being patient and trust their regular supplier
  • Being honest about their circumstances
  • Telling the distributor if they are vulnerable or are in difficult circumstances
  • Explaining any problems there might be accessing the property and/or tank due to adverse weather.

The Federation of Petroleum Supplies along with DECC and major consumer bodies always advise consumers to order a delivery before the Christmas period as this is a time of peak demand when both prices are usually higher and delivery periods extended.

Source: Oil Save

Barton Petroleum are a member of the FPS. We pride ourselves on delivering your heating oil whatever the weather. Click here for further information on our heating oil and to find out where your local depot is based.