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Weather warnings a reminder to make sure you don’t run low on heating oil over Christmas

16th December 2014 All News and Offers

Weather warning sign - beat the demand for heating oilWith all the recent media coverage over “weather bombs”, freak blizzards and bookies slashing their odds of a White Christmas, you’d think that we’d all be trudging to work using tennis rackets for shoes by now! That’s not to trivialise the areas North of Yorkshire who have seen heavy snow fall, but thankfully, South of the Midlands has been spared the disruptive weather that parts of Scotland, Cumbria and others have seen of late.

That’s not to say that we won’t see snow in the near future and we do have to be mindful that in can cause problems if, all of a sudden, demand for heating oil increases to a a scale that causes delays to delivery times. Customers do normally order 500 litres and then run out in the middle of the worst weather, when demand tends to spike. Add delays caused by demand to bad weather that means, in some cases, our tanker drivers are struggling to get through on roads covered in snow or ice, then you can understand why it can cause problems.

Please do check your oil tank and ensure that you have enough supply to last over the Christmas period. Remember that you can easily monitor levels of your heating oil by installing nata a smart meter which will monitor your average usage and inform you when it recommends that you should top up your supply. Smart meters also have an alarm facility incorporated within the device so that the meter detects any unusual drop in oil  levels it will automatically send you a text and email.

If you are thinking of ordering more home heating oil or installing a smart meter, please contact your local depot. For heating oil prices, you can also use our quote form at the top of the page.