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Water or sludge in your heating oil tank?

18th March 2015 All News and Offers

Home heating oil tankSludge or water in your heating oil tank can clog pipework, damage or corrode heating systems and reduce the efficiency of the oil.

Water can come from rainfall when taking delivery of new oil or due to condensation. You should take precautions to ensure any damage is fixed and openings are closed, and your delivery driver should do the same when filling your tank.

Sludge tends to build up in tanks where oil has been stored for a long period.

To detect either water or sludge, look for signs of a darkened area at the bottom of the tank, which may have been caused by erosion. You can also buy water-finding paste which you would need to attach to a long stick to put into the tank. The colour the paste turns will indicate whether water is present.

A technician can remove water and sludge and or/clean your heating oil tank, and can find the cause of any problems you’ve experienced and fix them. Please call your local depot and we can point you in the right direction.