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Tips For Surviving The Beast From The East

Keeping Warm in Cold

In December we were bracing ourselves for a cold winter but we weren’t expecting it to be quite as cold as the forecast for next week. We gave you lots of tips for keeping both yourself and your home nice and toasty, so here are a few more – after all, you can never have too many!

Cold, crisp weather is adorable in the lead-up to Christmas. Rugging up with a huge scarf and your fave winter coat as you frolic in the frost with a steaming, hot coffee to warm your cockles as you admire the twinkling Christmas lights and fill yourself with festive cheer. Come 1 January though, the cold weather can do one! Christmas is over and we are well and truly ready for spring. But we accept that January is bleak and cold, and we soldier on, hoping for February to pull us through. Except this year, February lured us in with a false sense of spring, then had a good laugh at us as it welcomed the Beast from the East.

It’s now almost March and we appear to be staring down the nose of a never-ending winter. Are we being trolled by Mother Nature? Here’s how to fight back, like the stubborn little Brits we are. Cold weather can’t drag us down.

Wear a hat

Your mama always told you to wear a hat as you lose most of your heat through your head, but that myth was debunked years ago. You do of course, lose heat from your heat – just no more than anywhere else – so wear a hat to keep your brain warm.

Glug herbal tea

It’s no fun drinking cold water in this weather, but equally, existing on coffee will dehydrate you like a prune. Stock up on herbal teas, so you’ve always got a hot, hydrating drink to hand. There are loads of flavours to choose from, including lots of caffeine-free options, but if you don’t like any of them, try hot water with a slice of lemon. Take a flask or reusable travel mug around with you to keep you warm on winter commutes.

Invest in a good, rainproof jacket

We all know that getting wet in the UK is absolutely no fun – having to be in work all day, shivering from your wet jumper, and spending your lunch time desperately trying to dry it out under the toilet hand dryer? Urgh. A rainproof jacket will be your friend – it doesn’t even need to be fully waterproof (they’re often not breathable, which will just make you wet from sweat), and there are plenty of good value showerproof options on the market, that you can pack away and whip out of your bag in times of need.

Cuddle hot water bottles to yourself

Load yourself up with hot water bottles, which are a gift from the warmth gods. Have on on your lap at work, at the back of your chair and clutched to your stomach – just don’t burn yourself. Line your bed with hot water bottles before you get in so you don’t get an icy surprise. I like one by my feet.

Put hand warmers in your coat pockets

Hand warmers aren’t just for gloves, pals. Popping them in your pockets is like strapping hot water bottles to yourself, without the bulk.

Block out any draughts

You can easily up your warmth factor by finding where any draughts are getting into your home and and blocking them up. Use sealant to plug small gaps around door and window frames, and check that door hinges are fitted properly. Why not treat yourself to a novelty draught excluder?

Use your boiler’s timer

Whether you’ve got an old school boiler timer, or a new-fangled fancy heating system that you can control from your smartphone, just make sure that the house is nice and toasty for when you come home from work, and for when you wake up in the morning.

Help with heating costs

You may qualify for a Cold Weather Payment, and if you were born on or before 5 August 1953, you could get a Winter Fuel Payment of between £100 – £300.

It’s curtains!

Make sure your curtains are doing the job. Heat is a flighty visitor, it just wants to leave as soon as it’s arrived. Usually out of the window. Slow its exit by making sure your curtains are heavy and your blind is thick, or thermal. Stop that heat from leaving like the needy person that you are. Leave the oven open after you’ve used it Finished crucifying that veggie burger? Leave the oven door open to let the heat flood the kitchen and envelop you in a toasty, warm hug.

Get moving

Get that body temperature up! Even some gentle yoga will help before bed – putting your legs up the wall will encourage blood flow from your feet. Wear layers to bed (and in the day) Layering up rather than wearing one thick layer will trap warm air in, and allow you to shed layers once your body starts heating up. Your fickle bones actually don’t like being too warm while you sleep – the room should be 16-18 degrees Celcius. Layering will also help you out in the day, by trapping heat and allowing you to adjust your body temperature as you move from indoors to outdoors.

Have a warm bath or shower before bed

Soak up that warmth. Ever have that feeling where you get in the house from outside and you just can’t get warm? Your bones feel cold and no amount of layers or jumping around will warm you up. This is where a nice soak in a warm bath or shower comes in – it’ll elevate your body temperature just before bed so you can feel as snug as a bug in a rug. Dr Sarah Kayat previously told ‘As well as the relaxation-factor it provides, research has shown that if you take a warm bath one to two hours before bed, the rise in temperature, followed by the drop-in temperature when you then enter a colder room induces sleep.’ Make the most of other living things. If you have a partner or a large pet, snuggle up to them to steal their heat. Get cosy on the sofa and get close in bed, you’ll warm up in no time. Get some cosy bed socks Poor circulation pals you’re probably going to need some snuggly bed socks to keep heat from escaping those icy toes, as your feet are one of the first places to get cold. You can get them really cheap from places like Primark.

Source: Metro

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