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Thieves pile on the misery for flood hit residents

13th February 2014 All News and Offers

Protect-your-home-heating-oil-tanks-from-floodingWith recent news of flood victims in the Somerset Levels area being targeted by criminals, including thieves using boats to access evacuated homes and stealing heating oil, it is a timely reminder for customers to ensure that their oil tanks are secured from thieves and protected by any damage from flooding and high winds.

Oil theft is a rare occurrence and most crimes are opportunists looking to steal unsecured oil. There are measures that can be taken to ensure that you are well protected however, which you can read here

In times of extreme weather conditions, there is a small risk of home heating oil tanks becoming buoyant in floodwater and floating away. High winds can also dislodge a tank and break the supply line. Tanks most susceptible are free-standing plastic tanks with a low level of oil. Oil tanks susceptible to extreme weather should therefore be secured firmly to their base by strapping.

Despite the small risks, they can happen and can cause a lot of disruption, so it always advisable to err on the side of caution. If you need more advice on securing your oil tanks please get in touch with your local depot.