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Supporting The British farmers Come Home Safe campaign

19th May 2014 All News and Offers

Come home safe campaignBritish farmers play a vital role in maintaining the countryside, providing the main form of employment outside of urban centres and providing food for the population. Yet, in course of this work, they face one of the highest rates of death and serious injury of any industry in Great Britain.

In most other industries, deaths and injuries are decreasing but in farming numbers have remained steady over recent years. The reasons for this include more farmers having to work alone, using more powerful machinery and an ageing work force.
On average,┬áthree people a month do not make it home to their families. That’s three families who won’t be sharing any more┬átime together with their loved one.

The Spring and Summer months are a particularly busy time for farmers, many of them will be undergoing Spring field work or more routine activities like cleaning out barns or carrying out repairs to farm equipment and buildings.

No doubt many will be facing more challenging circumstances brought about by recent floods or heavy rainfall.

The HSE are working together with the farming industry to support farmers around Britain in making their promise to come home safe and has recently issued an e-bulletin offering advice to farmers of the ongoing risks involved in their occupation and providing safety bulletins for specific tasks.

You can read the HSE bulletin here –