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Safety warning for customers using Grundos condensate removal pumps

10th June 2015 All News and Offers

Grundfos condensate pumps safety warningPlease issue the below notice to anyone you know who may be using Grundos condensate removal pumps:

Grundfos has issued a safety warning about an earlier model of its CONLIFT pumps produced on or before week 47 in 2007. Pumps from that period may pose a dangerous fire risk under certain circumstances.

CONLIFT is a series of professional range compact condensate removal pumps that are installed both in commercial buildings and private households. These products are used where condensate cannot drain naturally or when the condensate source is located below the backwater level. The typical application is the removal of condensate from gas and oil condensing boilers, chimneys, air-conditioning, dehumidifiers and refrigerators.

Based on its own investigations, Grundfos came to the conclusion that under certain technical conditions, including the use of household fuses above 10A, the motor of a prior model of the CONLIFT pump produced up until week 47/2007 (inclusive) may overheat, which may cause the pump to catch fire.

The product needs to be replaced when the date indicates 0747 or before (week 47 in 2007). See explanation and example above. For further product identification, end users can also contact their local installer.

The risk of fire is unlikely, but cannot be excluded. Any end user whose pump is affected by the present safety warning should therefore contact an installer immediately to get it replaced. In these circumstances, Grundfos will provide a new CONLIFT pump free of charge for the end user and will cover the necessary related installation costs subject to the process as described.

Until a replacement is carried out, an end user who wants to avoid any risk should turn the pump off. In such a case, the connected device, e.g. the condensing boiler, air-conditioning, dehumidifier or refrigerator, has to be turned off as well due to the risk of water leakage.

Please note this recall does not affect CONLIFT1 LS, CONLIFT1, CONLIFT2, or CONLIFT2 pH+ models.

For further information, end users may contact their local Grundfos dealer or installer, or call the toll free UK hotline: 0808 2340125