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Recent Investment Improves Security And Environmental Impact

4th April 2013 All News and Offers

Recent changes in legislation now prohibits the time-honoured practise of ‘dipping’ road tankers to ascertain volume on board so a reliable method of computing product delivered in to the storage tanks was the only viable option. Like all our depots, our Watford location operates 24 hours a day. Fuel suppliers’ delivery drivers and Barton Petroleum’s own drivers come and go at all hours to stock and re-stock oil to the tanks as a standard practice. The new Alpeco cabinet and its meters now enable 100% accuracy to be achieved in recording the amounts of oil deposited or transferred back to the storage tanks.

Kevin Day, Depot Manager at Watford depot recalled, ‘Improved security was a major reason for ordering the new cabinet. Being a 24 hour-a-day operation we needed to know exactly how much product was being pumped into stock. The new cabinet-housed metering facility from Alpeco enables us to know exactly how many litres have gone into our tanks.

Another reason we decided to have this cabinet was to contain any drips from the fill points which are now pumped automatically back into stock from the integral collection sump. Originally we had individual delivery points with plastic bucket type drip trays.

Apart from looking rather messy there were environmental issues to be considered and, as an environmentally responsible company, we felt the time was right to upgrade. Now fully installed and commissioned, the system is working very well and we are very happy with it. Everything Alpeco said they were going to do was done and in fact, they have done a little more than we expected.’