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Preventing Heating Oil Theft

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Heating oil theft is declining, partly down to low oil prices, but that does not mean you should be complacent about protecting your heating oil tanks. Heating oil is still a very valuable commodity and as such should be kept as secure as possible. So what can be done to keep your heating oil safe? Here are a few tips to prevent theft:

1. The location of your tank is very important. If possible it should be kept out of sight, indoors is ideal. British Standards permit you to locate domestic oil storage tanks indoors as long as the tank:

  • has a capacity of 3,500 litres or lower,
  • has secondary containment,
  • is contained alone within a one-hour fire-resistant chamber,
  • is located at the lowest possible level

2. Fit a tank lock to the cap of your tank. Ideally you should use a shackle padlock that can’t easily be broken with bolt cutters.

3. If your tank must be located outside, ensure it has high fences or bushes around it so that it isn’t a prime target for opportunists.

4. Choosing the right type of tank is important. A steel one is a better option than a plastic one, firstly because it’s harder to drill into and secondly it’s harder to remove fro your premises.

5. Many thefts happen at night therefore security lighting can prove to be a good deterrent.

6. Have CCTV fitted.

7. If CCTV is too expensive an option for you use signage. ‘Beware of the dog’ acts as a great deterrent to would be thieves.

8. Install an oil level alarm so that if the level drops you’ll be alerted.

If you are unfortunate enough to be a victim of oil theft, report it to the police immediately. If you want to secure your oil tank with an alarm then see the information about our Smart Guard.