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Part 2 – Things You Need to Know About AdBlue (2021)

The Warning Light Means You Are Close to Running Out of AdBlue

If your car does break down due to a lack of AdBlue, you can’t claim you weren’t warned. Your dashboard will start showing this warning light (pictured below) when you have about 1,500 miles fluid left. That gives you plenty of time to top up your tank.


And the best part is, our AdBlue prices are very affordable!

You can buy AdBlue for just £20, up to 10 litres. That’s more than enough for a full tank, and you get an expert mechanic to do the work for you. That way, there’s no risk of accidentally mixing AdBlue and diesel!

You Should Top Up Every 5,000 Miles

This is the best mileage because the average AdBlue tank is between 10 and 11.5 litres, and 1 litre of AdBlue lasts around 600 miles.

5,000 miles might seem a bit safe, but remember what happens if your car runs out of AdBlue.

Diesel Cars Need AdBlue as Much as Fuel

This Diesel Exhaust Fluid is very important because it keeps your vehicle’s emissions as low as possible. That’s why your car won’t go anywhere without AdBlue.

Make sure to buy AdBlue every 5,000 miles to avoid the stress of an expensive breakdown.

As a distributor of AdBlue, manufactured by CleanAirBlue, Barton Petroleum can meet the AdBlue requirements of your business, simply get in touch with your local depot for more information.