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OFTEC calls on local MPs to reintroduce boiler scrappage scheme for rural households

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OFTEC, the UK trade body for oil heating, is urging local MPs to support oil using households and help them improve the energy efficiency of their homes to cut fuel bills and reduce CO2 emissions.

An estimated 2.3 million people struggle to pay their fuel bills in the UK and households in rural communities are disproportionally affected. This is because rural homes are typically older with poorer insulation and less efficient boilers.

An old, non-condensing boiler can cost an average three bedroom household over £200 more to run per year than a modern condensing model and will also emit higher carbon emission levels.

In response, OFTEC has written to all recently elected rural MPs urging them to support the reintroduction of a government-backed boiler scrappage scheme to help more people upgrade their boilers. OFTEC is also calling for the government to provide more funding for rural households to improve insulation levels in their homes to help reduce fuels bills and carbon emissions.

Malcolm Farrow of OFTEC, said: “… we are taking this opportunity to call on the government to take action and support rural households who have so far been left out of energy efficiency policies.

“Poorly insulated homes with old, non-condensing boilers are costing their owners hundreds of pounds a year and are emitting more CO2 than modern condensing models. By introducing some simple, affordable measures like a boiler scrappage scheme, the government could help the many rural households who are living in fuel poverty.”

Additionally, research shows that servicing a boiler that has not been checked for three years can improve its efficiency by up to 5%.

Malcolm added: “We strongly encourage households using oil to have their boiler regularly serviced, at least once a year, by an OFTEC registered technician. This will help to ensure your boiler is running at maximum efficiency and could help save further money and reduce your carbon footprint, particularly during the winter months.”

For more help in servicing your boiler please contact your local depot to speak to one of our representatives.

Source: OFTEC