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New Products From Morris Lubricants

Morris lubricants new size engine oil

Our valued partner, Morris Lubricants, continually research their products to ensure they are of the highest quality. As a stockist and distributor of their lubricants, we can provide a wide range of lubricants including industrial, agricultural and automotive.

Here are two of their latest new products:

Multivis ADT VA 5W-30

Multivis ADT VA 5W-30 is recommended for the latest petrol and diesel engines, including turbocharged versions and those fitted with exhaust gas after-treatment devices such as particulate filters, catalytic converters, exhaust gas re-circulation, etc. May be used in all VAG vehicles employing fixed service or long life service maintenance schedules where the use of engine oils approved to VW 504.00 / 507.00 are specified and where VW 503.00/503.01/506.00/506.01 performance levels have previously been required. Multivis ADT VA 5W-30 may also be used in other manufacturer’s engine types requiring a lubricant of this viscosity grade and performance level.

Multivis ADT VA 5W-30 has the following performance levels:
Approved under VW Standard 504 00
and VW Standard 507 00, ACEA C3,
Porsche C30, MB 229.51, BMW Longlife-04


Multivis ECO VB 0W-20

Multivis ECO VB 0W-20 is a high performance fully synthetic engine oil formulated to cope with the exacting demands of OEMs requiring low viscosity engine oils, in particular Volkswagen Audi Group. The product uses a combination of synthetic base fluids and an advanced additive system to provide a balanced lubricant that delivers friction reduction, component protection and fuel efficiency.

Multivis ECO VB 0W-20 provides the following benefits:

• Contributes to overall fuel efficiency
• Circulates rapidly from cold
• Strong oil film protects at high temperatures and under arduous work loads
• Ensures a high level of component cleanliness and operational efficiency

Multivis ECO VB 0W-20 has the following performance levels:

VW 508.00 / 509.00

Source: Morris Lubricants

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