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New cutting fluid features a powerful EP additive package that’s active at all temperatures

23rd January 2014 All News and Offers

Industrial lubricants from Q8Oils - cutting fluidBarton Petroleum introduces Q8 Bach AHM, a medium viscosity, heavy-duty machining lubricant featuring a powerful active EP package and heavy lubricity agent.

The EP additive package is active at all temperatures, which means that an excellent finish can be achieved through a full range of speeds and feeds – from the heaviest removal of stock, down to finishing with light cuts. In addition, the heavy lubricity agent allows maximum contact of the fluid with the work piece at all times, helping to eliminate judder and poor finish when using exceptionally large cuts and high feed rates. The highly-regarded Q8 mist-reducing additive package is also incorporated into the formulation.

Q8 Bach AHM has been specially formulated for general duty cutting, milling, thread grinding, deep-hole and gun drilling; as well as broaching operations using non-ferrous materials. However, the new fluid can also be used to machine extremely demanding steel alloys, as the EP additive package provides boundary lubrication at the vital tool tip/chip interface.

As Q8Oils’ Mick Doxford explains: “This level of lubrication helps prevent the build-up of edge and chip welding, as well as providing tangible cost savings by dramatically reducing tool wear and the energy consumption of the machine.”

Q8 Bach AHM delivers excellent performance with all steels including high-tensile, high-alloy steels, and stainless, but is not suitable for use with non-ferrous metals due to the active EP package. Q8 Bach AHM is particularly recommended for use in machine shops where uncontrolled mist can affect the health of machine operators and settle in the working environment, creating odours and an unhealthy atmosphere.

For further information on Q8 Bach AHM and Q8Oils’ range of industrial lubricants contact your local depot. You can read more about our industrial lubricants here.