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Morris Lubricants pushes for regulated lubricants

27th May 2015 All News and Offers

Barton Petroleum is a supplier of Morris lubricantsRegulation in the lubricants industry is something that Morris Lubricants have been passionate about for many years. It is vital that all manufacturers operate on a level playing field and what is claimed on a label matches what the product can deliver.

That is why the United Kingdom Lubricants Association has formed the VLS (Verification of Lubrication Specifications). It’s a group of like-minded companies which want to ensure that fair play within the market place is achieved through rigorous independent testing and analysis of products.

As a a member of the group, we Morris Lubricants has a shared belief that customers deserve to know exactly what they are putting into their engines. They need to know that the oil or lubricant is the correct specification for that vehicle. If it’s not then serious problems can occur, maybe after just 5,000 miles, which can be costly and frustrating.

VLS has been active for a little over a year and is made up many of the industry’s recognisable names, including Morris Lubricants and representatives from the likes of Total, GB Lubricants, Witham Oil, Kuwait Lubricants and Comma Oil.

One of the key reasons Morris Lubricants have been an advocate on VLS is that if a company offers a product that claims to do everything, they are not providing an honest appraisal.

You simply cannot cover all of the industry requirements with one product. The first case that VLS published was a product which claimed to be all-singing and all-dancing, but it was deemed that the lubricant simply didn’t deliver on its promises. The company in question had assured VLS that the amendments had been made to the product, but upon re-test the product was still being marketed with unobtainable claims. This case has now been passed to Trading Standards for further investigation.

Morris Lubricants want to make sure that the end user is getting the product as described on the tin and for the consumer to have the choice. Unfortunately, there is a lot of product out there which isn’t what it should be. If you use the wrong lubricant in a modern vehicle, you can expect serious problems – and costs – very quickly. It is absolutely vital that the correct product is used, as specified by the OEM, or drivers risk invalidating the warranty.

Furthermore, as of last December, every product should be compliant to the latest ACEA 12 regulations. ACEA is made up of OEMs and they draw up the standards. There are a lot of products in the market place claiming to be ACEA-compliant which haven’t signed up to a European Code of Practice. Most majors are, but there are a lot of companies marketing under own brand products which aren’t listed – and that is illegal. It doesn’t cost anything to be signed up but when you sign the document you state that you are complying with industry standards.

For more information on Morris Lubricants please contact us. We are an authorised distributor and can provide your business with all your lubrication requirements. Please visit our depot page so you can contact your local area office.