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Morris Lubricants Launches New Agrimax Range

Morris Lubricants Launch

In March, Morris Lubricants launched an innovative new range of advanced multifunctional lubricants designed to cover the majority of agricultural requirements. This has been initiated to drive forward with continued growth from the company within the agricultural sector.

Applications for these lubricants include engines, gearboxes, hydraulics and oil immersed brake systems in a wide variety of agricultural equipment. These include tractors, combine harvesters and other agricultural machinery utilising previous and current technologies. Developed with the latest additive technology and high-quality base oils, the range offers superior operational and protective performance even in the harshest of operating conditions.

This is the latest in a series of progressive steps taken by Morris Lubricants to strengthen and professionalise its product ranges and provide brand identity in a competitive lubricants market. Over the past five years, Morris Lubricants has launched sub-brands into varying industries including the ‘Multivis’ range into the Automotive market and the ‘Versimax’ range into the Heavy-Duty Diesel market. These have become distinguishable names amongst their competitors and with the proven quality of Morris’ agricultural lubricants, the Agrimax range is set to follow.

The Shrewsbury-based company says the positive move brings the product range in line with major competitors and gives the Agrimax brand maximum trademark protection in more than 90 emerging and competitive international markets that they represent.

The Agrimax range has achieved a wide range of OEM approvals, enabling operator’s maximum rationalisation potential, while also reducing the risk of misapplication.

Experts at Morris Lubricants have found that agricultural operators are often being overloaded with a myriad of different grades of oil for each vehicle. With this new range the aim is to help them consolidate their inventory and use fewer products.

“The Agricultural sector is one in which we are very strong and have seen significant growth. Our aim is to continue to move forward in that sector and to help those businesses which find stocking a different oil for each vehicle a logistical nightmare.” commented Adrian Hill, Automotive Product Manager at Morris Lubricants.

“We know the huge problems owners have with so many different grades of oil for a mixed fleet of vehicles and equipment. With technical intervention we can identify incorrect lubricants, advise corrective action and help consolidate their inventory so they are using fewer products. Not only will the equipment be getting optimised levels of protection but reduced stocking can provide cost savings.”

During the lockdown months Morris brand ambassador Guy Martin has been out in the fields working with his tractors, balers and other gear and the team could think of no one better to trail the Agrimax range to its extremes.

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