Morris Lubricants launches 60 litre drum of Multivis engine oil

Demand from garages and workshops has persuaded Morris Lubricants, one of Europe’s leading independent oil blenders and marketers, to fill a gap in the market by launching a 60-litre drum of selected grades of engine oil.

 Whereas 30 years ago, there were only a few basic grades, such as 15w40 and 20w50, today Morris Lubricants manufactures more than 20 different variations of engine oils in the automotive market alone.

Garages and workshops that service a high number of vehicles are being forced to stock a greater range of product to meet demand and ensure that they are matching the correct lubricant with the vehicle.

Previously, they would have purchased 205 litre barrels of oil, but this option becomes very expensive when buying products to match all vehicle specifications. Five litre containers and service packs have become popular but 25-litre containers were considered space-consuming due to the range of grades required.

After listening to their customers, Morris Lubricants opted to supply a selected number of grades in 60 litre drums as a cost-effective solution. It is one of the few companies to supply engine oil in this format.

The increasingly complex automotive engine oil formulation and rate of innovation means that there is ever more demand for newer grades,” explained David Pryce Commercial Director from Shrewsbury-based Morris Lubricants.

“New technology base fluids and additive chemistry are continually being developed to meet the ever-increasing demands from original equipment manufacturers. The 60-litre drums will be a cost-effective solution to the problem.”

This move follows on from the recent rebranding of the automotive engine oil range. Multivis is a range of superior quality engine oils suitable for both petrol and diesel engines that use the latest synthetic technology products essential in the operation of low emission engine designs. Their chemical profiles are carefully tailored to ensure maximum after-treatment device compatibility.

 Products available in the new 60-litre drum are:

* Multivis ADT C3 5W-40;

* Multivis ADT C3 5W-30;

* Multivis ADT FD 5W-30;

* Multivis ADT VX 5W-30

* Servol 10W-40.

Other grades may follow in the future.

Source: Morris Lubricants

Barton Petroleum has been an authorised distributor of Morris Lubricants for over 30 years.

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