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Keeping Your Heating Oil Safe

Keep domestic heating oil safe

Despite the cost of heating oil coming down in price it is still a popular target for thieves.

Oil tanks are usually hidden from view, which is perfect for thieves.By following a few simple steps, you can reduce the chance of becoming a victim of fuel oil theft:

  • When installing a new tank, place it in a well-lit area but if the tank is in a secluded spot then don’t light the area, as this will help the thief.
  • Trellis, fencing and planting can be used to hide your tank, however make sure you leave a gap around the tank to avoid a fire risk. Check with your oil provider for details.
  • Consider using a padlock to lock the cap. However be aware that you could risk having your tank pierced to get to your fuel, causing permanent damage and contamination from leaking oil. In additional to locks the installation of a tank alarm should be considered.  These are triggered by movement or a sudden drop in level and may come with a high pitched siren and auto dialing facility to your smart phone.
  • You could enclose your tank in a building however it is important to provide good ventilation; advice should be sought from a professional.
  • Make sure your perimeter fence is in good condition and is not easy to climb. Lock and secure gates.
  • Check your oil gauges regularly. This will show any thefts and help investigations by narrowing crime times down.

Source: Norfolk Constabulary


Whatever storage tank service you require, whether installation on your premises, the replacement of an existing tank or simply the safe removal and licensed disposal of a disused tank and/or its fuel contents, Barton Petroleum can help.

Please note that this service is offered via a third party provider.