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Keep an eye on your home heating oil usage – install our Smart Meters

14th January 2014 All News and Offers

Smart meter that lets you keep an eye on how much home heating oil you are usingOur OIL Smart Meter is unlike any other. This piece of revolutionary technology could be the answer to one of the largest problems facing a large percentage of the British public even in today’s world.

The Smart Meter is fitted to your OIL tank by our team and within minutes will begin to work. The Probe functions to measure: the level of fuel, rate of consumption (per month and year), time until refill is required, alarms set off, quantity of CO2 emissions and  average temperature. All this data is sent via satellite signal to CBL and is also accessible for our you to view.

Sending a signal 12 hours after fitting and in cycles of 24 hours after that, the Smart Meter can measure 10ths of a litre, allowing customers (and CLB) to know how much fuel is left, and able to estimate how much longer before a refill is required. This lets you budget in advance and lets us buy your oil at the best possible price. This function is also important in our fight against OIL Fuel Poverty.

Smart meter console

The Smart Meter allows you to check on your home heating oil usage from any computer with a browser and internet connection.

Case study –  Rosie Freeman saved £300:

Rosie bought her meter because her friends told her how much they were saving and how useful the Smart Meter was proving to be. As soon as her meter went live, we were concerned to see the tank only had 10 days of use left. She is a busy doctor and had not had time to check her levels. Believing she had more OIL left than she did, Rosie was thinking that she would simply order again in time for Christmas! We ordered the OIL and it came with just four days use left. Had she waited until Christmas, not only would the same amount of OIL would have cost over £150 more, but she would have actually run out and the last time that happened the heating engineer charged over £300!

“The Smart Meter is a watchdog that never sleeps, is never sick and never complains!”

For more information on how you can save on the amount of home heating oil you use, please contact your local depot.

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