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Install A Smart Meter To Monitor Your Heating Oil Usage

smart meter to monitor heating oil

You may have seen that Smart Meters are now being installed throughout the country to enable us to monitor energy usage, fortunately this technology is available to the home heating oil customer.

The Smart Guard will tell you how much heating oil you have left, approximately how many days supply this is and a tool where you can alter the temperature to see how this will affect your consumption. This is obviously very useful at any time of the year but never more so than in winter when the temperature unexpectedly plummets and you may need to use more heating oil than anticipated.

Heating oil acts in very much the same way as many other products, the greater the demand often means the higher the price.

The Smart Guard enables you to make better informed buying decisions, answering questions such as how much am I using per day and how long will this last me. It enables you to plan your purchasing, avoiding peak times of demand and pricing.

Just as important is the alarm facility incorporated within the device. As mentioned heating oil has become an expensive commodity, and therefore more susceptible to theft. The Smart Guard is permanently monitoring your oil level. If it detects any unusual drop in level it will automatically send you a text and email if required, alerting you to the fact that either a theft is in process or you have a leak. In either scenario this alert means you can take action, even if you are not at home.

This can be useful in many ways, for instance if you often spend time away from your home or you seem to be home only when it is dark.

Another major benefit is that the Smart Guard enables others to help care for those who are elderly, infirm or just not able to check there fuel levels, ensuring those most vulnerable can be looked after simply and effectively.

So how does this work?
The Smart Guard sends a regular signal to us with all your data. We then translate this information and publish in a clear and concise format.

How do I get access to my information?
Once installed we will give you sign on details which will allow you access over the internet, wherever you may be. In the event that you do not have internet access you will still receive the text alerts.

Is the Smart Guard easy to install?
Simply yes. Most plastic tanks have an industry standard mounting point which the Smart Guard has been designed to fit. If you have a steel tank you will need to drill a small hole in the top, full installation instructions will be sent with the Smart Guard.

Give your local depot a call to discuss installing a smart meter. Don’t forget you can also get up to date heating oil prices by using our quote form at the top of this page.