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How do I know if I need AdBlue for my farming machinery?

Adblue with farming machineryYour local Machinery dealer should advise you at the time of purchase about your new machine and if it needsAdBlue. They can also provide you with AdBlue and any associated pumping equipment.

The next vehicle you drive may need AdBlue so become familiar of what to look for. Look out for a plastic tank, smaller than the diesel tank, that will be fitted on the body of the machine. It is likely to have a blue filler cap, which is named “AdBlue”. On the dashboard there will also be an AdBlue gauge, showing the amount of AdBlue left.

It is important to ensure that the AdBlue tank does not run dry, and that it is never filled with other substances. Doing this may cause damage to the catalyst which will not be covered by your warranties.

A machine that is empty of AdBlue may enter crawlermode, and will also be operating illegally.
It is important that you only purchase AdBlue from an authorised dealer in dedicated AdBlue packaging.

Contaminants from unsealed packages will cause problems to your SCR system. It is also important not to use old diesel/oil/other containers to transfer AdBlue. AdBlue must remain at its high specification state to be compatible with your SCR system. Using a mix of any other type of urea will cause damage to your catalyst and injector systems. Repairs will not be covered by your warranty. It is imperative to respect the investment that has been made in the purchase of the farm machine you are driving.

Always use high specification AdBlue. The brand of AdBlue that we supply is called Air1 from Yara. Air1 is a reliable, quality product whose production and distribution process ensures that you are guaranteed contaminant-free AdBlue of the required high specification for your SCR needs

Barton Petroleum is an authorised supplier of Adblue Air1. We can supply AdBlue in bulk from 2500-26000 litres. Smaller purchasers can choose from a variety of pack sizes 1000 litre IBCs, 210 litre drums, 18 litre cans and 10 litre cans.

For more information about supplying Adblue please contact your local depot.