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Heating Oil Is Still The Cheapest Way To Heat Your Home!

Savings on home heating oil

The latest figures from Sutherland Tables show heating oil is still the cheapest way to heat your home – fantastic news for off grid households!

The latest figures show that heating a typical three bedroom home on oil, using a condensing boiler is just £894 per annum. Even with a conventional boiler, that’s nearly half the cost of the nearest alternative.  If you use LPG the average cost is £1529 per annum, traditional gas heating £967 per annum, whilst electricity is over £1900 per annum!

This means that an oil condensing boiler is also substantially cheaper to run than any renewable heating option with wood pellets costing £1280 per annum and air source heat pump radiators £1681 per annum.”

Source: Oil Save Via Twitter

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