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Home Heating Oil: A Guide To Boiler Servicing

heating oil boiler service

Whether you have a combi boiler or conventional one, no matter if it’s an oil-fired system or a gas-powered boiler, they all need a little care to keep heating your home and water problem-free. Regular safety checks can help keep things ticking along nicely and prevent the need for emergency repairs. Find out more about all of this with our guide to your annual boiler service.

What is a boiler service?

A boiler service is a manual inspection conducted by a plumber or engineer. They will inspect your boiler for any potential faults or issues and service particular parts within it, helping to catch any problems before they result in a major break down or could pose a potential safety risk.

It’s worth noting that most new boilers come with a manufacturer’s warranty but in most cases, in order for it to be valid, you will need to have your boiler serviced every 12 months.

One of the best ways to ensure your boiler works effectively and efficiently is to book an annual boiler service with a qualified engineer.

Who can service a boiler?

You can book a plumber or boiler specialist to inspect your boiler, but it’s vital, they are qualified.

For oil boilers, check that the engineer is Oftec registered – they will have undergone a thorough training and assessment program to government-recognised standards, much like Gas Safe, only with a focus on oil systems.

What does a boiler service involve?

There are several key checks an engineer will make when inspecting and servicing your boiler. They’ll check:

  • For any signs of corrosion or leaking around the inside and outside of your boiler
  • All controls are working safely and effectively
  • Whether the gas pressure is too high or low
  • All internal parts are clean and safe
  • For any toxic emissions (such as carbon monoxide) being released into your home

Why do you need a boiler service?

A faulty or poorly-maintained boiler could be the cause of a number of problems, and even put your safety at risk.

A regular service can also help with:

  • saving energy (and money on your bills) – by keeping your boiler running as efficiently as possible, an annual service means you can help save energy, and money.
  • Avoiding breakdowns – catching any potential issues and keeping your boiler in great condition means you’ll help avoid total breakdowns, which could end up leaving you and your household without heating or hot water until the problem can be fixed and incur unexpected repair bills.
  • Preventing full replacement of your boiler – by consistently keeping your boiler running smoothly, you’re more likely to delay the need to replace it completely, which comes at a high financial cost. Boilers that are not serviced regularly will be more prone to breakdowns which can, in some cases, result in the boiler needing to be replaced.

When to service your boiler

It’s generally recommended that you get your boiler serviced annually – this is the optimum amount of time to leave it so your engineer can catch any potential issues.

  • Have it serviced well before winter, this will ensure your boiler is working properly before the cold weather hits and it ramps up its activity.
  • Whilst you may not think about your central heating during the warmer summer months, it’s a great time as the engineers are less likely to be busy.

Source: NPower

Barton Petroleum can help with tank installations, boiler maintenance and servicing via approved engineers.