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Getting The Best Price For Heating Oil

Ordering ahead for when you will need heating oil can help as express deliveries cost a premium. Just make sure your tank doesn’t get below a quarter full – if you don’t have a heating oil gauge, we recommend you get one.

Bulk buy heating oil

It stands to reason that, like with many other things, the more you buy the less it costs. Most domestic heating oil tanks take up to around 2,000 litres of heating oil. Buying as much as you can will help you cut the cost, although you should only ever fill your tank to 80-90% of its capacity to avoid spillage.

Join a heating oil club

Your tank size will limit how much heating oil you can buy at once. But if you club together with others, you can order far more. Getting together with neighbours or joining a heating oil club could knock 10% off your bill, according to the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Upgrade your heating system

It’s not just the price of your heating oil that can save you money, as having an efficient boiler will also reduce how much heating oil you use. According to oil industry body Oftec, getting a modern condensing boiler that’s up to 97% efficient could save you around £200 a year. See our oil-fired boiler reviews to find the right boiler for your home.

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