Gas Oil

Agricultural Gas Oil (also known as Red Diesel, 35 Second Burning Oil and Tractor Diesel) is a liquid fuel product used for off highway machinery. The fuel contains a red dye to identify it as it carries a lower duty than regular White Diesel.

Gas Oil, or red diesel is commonly used by farmers for use in farm machinery, such as tractors.

Gas oil can be supplied in two differing grades, that is 1000ppm high sulphur,  and 10ppm low sulphur, it is very important to select the right product for its application as not doing so, could damage the engine of your tractor or machinery.

It is a common misconception that gas oil (red diesel) is illegal. This is not the case, although there are specific restrictions and guidelines surrounding its use. For some vehicles on the farm, however, you will be required to use road diesel – which we can also supply at great value and to your farm’s schedule and convenience.

  • Gas oil is available for delivery in 205 Litre barrels.
  • We can supply emergency packs of Gas Oil and Kerosene. These packs are 4 x 25 Litre plastic containers. These are for collection from the yard.
  • We can supply a rotary hand pump to use with the barrels.
  • We also sell Bunded pallets. We can provide these that hold either 2 or 4 barrels.

Do you need fuel additives?

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