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Five Simple Tips To Save Money This Winter

Top Tips-Save On Heating Oil

Bleed Your Radiators

Your radiators can take longer to heat up when there is air trapped within your central heating system. If you commit to bleeding your radiators at least twice a year this can really impact upon the amount of fuel being consumed.

Turn It down 

No one wants to be cold in their own home over winter, but don’t automatically turn up the heating when the outside temperature falls. Pull on some warm clothes and dig out those snuggly blankets. Dialling down your thermostat by just one degree can cut your fuel use by a whopping 10%!

Invest in Wall and Roof Insulation

According to the Energy Saving Trust, around 60% of the warmth that is lost from your home escapes through the walls or roof. Investing in roof insulation (the recommended minimum is 10 inches) and using draft excluders can reduce your fuel use. Also, close your curtains in the evenings to help keep your home warm.

Protect Your Tank

As winter approaches and the dark nights draw in, heating oil thefts will typically increase. Thieves have a far better chance of going undetected. Click here for tips on protecting your tank.

Add an Heating Oil Additive

Did you know that adding a heating oil additive to your tank can help to improve the efficiency of your boiler plus reduce the chance of breakdowns? On top of this it can also help prevent the build up of tank sludge and debris. 

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