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Exocet Fuel Additives – The Very Best In Class Performance For Agricultural Machinery


Gone are the days when tractors and other agricultural machinery could burn just about anything in their engines and the traditional red diesel (gas oil) was used at will and without much thought to its supply or storage. With the advent of strict emissions requirements worldwide, radical changes to vehicle design have become paramount.

Barton Petroleum are suppliers of Exocet® products which are tailored for the specific needs of agricultural end users with a full appreciation of the field issues being seen.

Diesel Power Restorer is an online fuel system cleaner working within a single tank of fuel

Gas Oil Extra gives red diesel the cetane number required by modern engines, enhances fuel lubricity and keeps water out of the fuel delivery system – probably the single most significant cause of injector damage

Gas Oil Supreme has all the benefits of Gas Oil Extra with the addition of a keep clean dose of deposit control to optimise fuel flow and prevent carbon and other deposits from accumulating

Fuel Store Plus increases the fuel shelf life in long term of seasonal storage and inhibits microbiological growth

Anti Bug internationally recognised fuel soluble biocide to both kill microbial infestations and prevent their formation

Anti Wax bridges the gap between the supply of summer and winter grade fuel and increases the fuel handling capabilities in times of extreme cold weather

Kerosene Lubricity Additive allows the use of low sulphur kerosene in equipment requiring higher natural fuel lubricity e.g. fuel pumps for grain driers, etc

• Reduced maintenance cost and downtime
• In-field injector cleaner rapidly restores power and torque to factory settings
• Increased fuel lubricity reduces wear rates in pumps and injectors
• Water separation reduces load on fuel filters and potential damage to injectors
• Improved combustion efficiency gives smoother power delivery, reduces particulate emissions and minimises the load on exhaust after treatment systems
• Deposit control leads to consistent engine performance and overall improved fuel economy

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