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Don’t Let Your Heating Oil Run Out This Winter

oil drum running low on heating oil

You obviously don’t want to run out of heating oil on the coldest night of the year. If you allow this to happen some supplier’s may take longer to deliver as demand will have increased.

Along with being cold, there are other reasons not to let your oil tank to get too low.

Allowing the oil level to fall too low can cause damage to a boiler. Monitor your fuel use by checking the depth of the fuel quite frequently. Do be aware however that this can be deceptive due to the rounded shape of most tanks.

It’s a good idea to get a sense of how much fuel you and your family use. You might be surprised to see just how dramatic the rise in your fuel consumption is during the colder winter months, especially in particularly harsh temperatures. Ensuring you have a sense of usage can help you to plan ahead and be prepared. It’s also a good way to incentivise fuel conservation.


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