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Carbon Offsetting Making your heating carbon neutral

We have partnered with Carbon Footprint Ltd to offset the carbon emissions of all the Kerosene we provide to our customers – making their heating carbon neutral.

Why Offset Your Emissions?

Climate change is a major global issue and one of the biggest challenges our planet now faces. We know this is largely due to burning fossil fuels for energy (including electricity, heating and transport), but also we recognise it is not necessarily practical or affordable for people to switch to fully renewable energy solutions for all their energy needs. Carbon offsetting therefore gives us a chance to help fund projects (climate change solutions) around the world that help reduce carbon emissions by a measurable amount. Without the extra “carbon finance” from people or organisations offsetting their emissions, these projects would not have happened.

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Our SupportWhich Carbon Offsetting Projects are we supporting?

Barton Petroleum has chosen to start by supporting two renewable energy projects in India. These were chosen as they are both high quality renewable energy projects that are independently audited as part of the international Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). Over time, we are likely to add additional projects to help reduce CO2 emissions further.

We are also offsetting all our own use from Fuel to Electrics to a project that will have socio-economic benefits, by sponsoring women in Darfur Sudan with bio stoves to provide access to clean water. The company has so far offset 466.24 tonnes of CO2e to offset the emissions from our own fuel usage from January to April 2020.

No Climate Change

What is Climate Change?

Climate change (also known as Global Warming) is the name given to long term changes to temperature on and around the Earth’s surface, which causes long term shifts to weather patterns.

Climate change is not limited to one region – it impacts the whole of the Earth. It is causing polar ice sheets and glaciers to melt and sea levels to rise. Extreme weather events such as typhoons and hurricanes are becoming more common in some regions of the world, while other regions experience more punishing droughts and heat waves.

What else can we do to help in the battle against Climate Change?

We all need to play a part in reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions and there are many ways of doing this. For example:

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    Start by assessing your household’s carbon footprint using Carbon Footprint Ltd’s online carbon calculator to find out the quantity of carbon emissions produced by your lifestyle and choices.

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    Make a plan to reduce emissions and do it! To find out ways that you can reduce your emissions, see Carbon Footprint’s website

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    Remember – turning down your heating by just 1 degree will reduce your fuel bill by around 8%. This lowers your carbon emissions by the same amount.

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    Other tips to reduce heating costs include insulating your home (loft and cavity walls), drawing curtains when it goes dark to help reduce heat loss through the windows, and during the day open the curtains to allow in natural sun light (which will help heat your home naturally).

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