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Autosmart range helps to keep your plant and machinery clean

28th August 2014 All News and Offers

You can buy autosmart cleaning products from Barton PetroleumBarton Petroleum supplies a range of ancillary products related to our main services as a supplier of fuel and lubricants to industry, farming and the home. Part of this range includes a range of cleaning products from Autosmart, the largest supplier of vehicle cleaning products to the trade industry. Autosmart has the right mix of products, equipment and accessories to meet your requirements including:

Advanced cleaning for all vehicles. It’s ingenious “Bi-ionic” formulation, balances clean, foam and shine to give an unbeatable performance. Concentrated to provide the best value clean in it’s price range and designed to enable you to get the best out of any cleaning equipment.

A concentrated foam shampoo for either manual use or brushwash systems. Level of foam and cleaning power can be set, resulting in a ‘streak-free’ finish. Brushwash is designed to work effectively in water reclamation systems.

A high performance, low pH product, developed in consultation with ICI Autocolour. Contains livery enhancers to maintain exterior finish. Recommended for single pack finishes and where pH of effluent is critical.

An excellent TFR, which leaves a shiny finish. It is classified as non-hazardous.

A concentrated TFR for heavy duty degreasing. An excellent curtain cleaner.

Truckwash 39 XLS
This is Autosmart’s premium TFR. It contains ‘traffiwax’ which adds shine to paintwork and is the most cost effective way to clean your fleet and care for your livery.

Truckwash 66
Tough cleaning power for removing heavy soiling, degreasing chassis, plant and machinery.

The most highly concentrated TFR in the Autosmart range. Bi-ionic formulation balances clean, foam and shine.

We have a wide range of unique foam equipment to complement our specialist foaming TFR’s. The equipment is robust, easy to set up, extremely easy to use and offers unrivalled performance. Ask your franchisee for a demonstration.

Actimousse XLS
High performance foaming TFR designed to deliver “touch-free” cleaning performance through all foaming equipment. The formulation optimises clean, foam and dwell to provide excellent performance and economy.

Foam Shampoo
A very gentle, neutral foam shampoo, designed with car washes in mind. Foam Shampoo is trimsafe and will not dull brightwork or trim.

A high foaming cleaner, perfect for general foam cleaning. Highfoam Plus is trimsafe and will not dull brightwork or trim. Contains gloss enhancers to leave a shiny finish.

Highfoam plus
A heavy duty foam cleaner, designed for tougher applications.

Ultra Mousse
The most concentrated foam available. Produces a long lasting rich ‘sticky’ foam. Clings to the vehicle for at least 10 minutes. Perfect for forecourt applications.

Coloured Foam
A range of dyes to produce coloured foam to enhance customer appeal.
Specialist Prestige
Specially formulated for prestige vehicles where conventional cleaners can dull or mark brightwork & trim. Prestige gently removes road film to clean & shiny finish. Advanced non-caustic formulation gently removes road film, to leave a shiny finish.

To enquire about our range of Autosmart cleaning products or to place an order please contact your local depot.