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As Your Fuel Consumption Rises With Winter, How Can You Spread The Cost?

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Winter is around the corner and with it comes increased fuel costs. So how can people spread the cost of their fuel, especially across this cold season? Here is advice from Oilsave…


  • Most distributors offer a monthly payment scheme.
  • When starting such a scheme customers are advised to start during periods of low demand to ensure that a surplus can be built up before the first order.

People can either save up themselves or talk to a distributor regarding a monthly payment plan where there fuel consumption is agreed in advance and the yearly cost spread over 12 months. Customer can check their account balances regularly and if they are in credit have the balance returned to them promptly. Our only request would be that people start such plans in periods of low demand to enable a surplus to be built up before the first delivery. One or two companies are now offering fixed price deals for heating oil where the cost is fixed for 12 months.

Source: Oilsave

Barton Petroleum offer a Monthly Budget Payment Plan. Click here to find out how you can manage the cost of your heating oil throughout the year.