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With an increased awareness of environmental issues, many companies now strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible. In the case of vehicle manufacturers and businesses that depend on vehicle usage, this means trying to cut down on harmful emissions. One way of doing this is with the use of AdBlue.

Barton Petroleum is a distributor for Adblue. and we can supply your business with minimum quantities of Adblue, from pack sizes of 1000 litre IBCs, 210 litre drums, 18 litre cans and 10 litre cans, or, for larger scale supply, quantities from 2500-26000 litres. Please get in touch with your local depot for more information.

What is AdBlue?
AdBlue is an additive developed for the motoring industry. It is used alongside diesel to reduce mono-nitrogen oxide emissions from exhausts. The vehicle requires a special tank to carry the fluid which is transferred using specialised AdBlue dispensing equipment. It transforms the harmful mono-nitrogen oxide toxins in diesel vehicles into nitrogen and water vapour. Using AdBlue has no effect on the power or torque output of the vehicle.

It is vital that AdBlue is kept pure, so the way that it is stored is important in order to avoid contamination. This means keeping the container sealed and storing it at temperatures above -11°C. It is also critical to use the correct amount. This will depend on the type of vehicle and the tank size.

What are the uses of AdBlue?
AdBlue is used in many diesel vehicles and is a legal requirement in trucks and modes of public transport that were manufactured after 2005. Those manufactured before this period are not required to use AdBlue due to the difficulty in adapting older models of vehicles. Newer vehicles, such as buses and trucks manufactured after 2005, will need regular top ups of AdBlue, though the frequency of this will depend on the model, the amount of use and the mileage of a vehicle.

Many car manufacturers are also now using a system that requires AdBlue on their diesel models. This reflects an increased awareness of the importance of reducing harmful emissions to support a lower environmental impact. This applies to many companies internationally.

When these car manufacturers use a system that requires AdBlue, it will generally be replaced at each service. Some newer models will even have a warning light included on the dashboard that indicates when levels of AdBlue are running low to make you aware that your car needs checking. You also have the option to replace the fluid yourself and are given guidance by the manufacturer on hot to go about doing this. Car manufacturers will usually recommend that you check your AdBlue levels before travelling long distances or going abroad.

What are the benefits of using AdBlue?
The major benefit of using AdBlue is that it reduces the emissions of mono-nitrogen oxide from vehicles. This will reduce the negative impact that you or your company has on the environment allowing you to advertise your company as an eco-friendly provider.

If you are looking to reduce the mono-nitrogen oxide emissions in your vehicle or company fleet, then the use of AdBlue is one way of doing this. Naturally, this is of great importance to public transport companies, businesses with diesel vehicles and manufacturers of diesel cars.