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Advantages of using Bunded Tanks for your heating oil storage

Bunded heating oil tank illustration

Bunded oil tanks domestic are durable, well-designed, and suitable for commercial and domestic use.  Understanding the advantages is important in order to understand how much of a benefit they can really offer.

There are certain things that most people don’t consider the importance of when they hear the name. Unless you work in the industry, it’s not likely that you will know the relevance and the difference between certain oil tanks.

Most people might not understand what ‘bunded’ refers too, but if they saw one of these tanks out and about the likelihood is they would know what it is. It doesn’t take great knowledge of the industry to be able to identify a domestic oil tank. These tanks have been used for a long time for commercial and domestic purposes. They have a few relevant qualities on offer making them a popular option where applicable.

Bunded tanks use a tank-within-a-tank approach, so even if your inner tank suffers a leak, the oil will not damage the surrounding environment. They are fuel efficient offering great savings in comparison to other tanks. The two tanks combined work to prevent the risk of leaks and, therefore, save money.

The bunded oil tanks domestic are designed to incorporate a high-level of safety. They are highly efficient in storing fuel and are designed to be safe in doing so. The key with these tanks is the additional tank that is incorporated in its construction. The additional tank will contain any fuel that gets through the first tank to prevent fuel leaks.

The tanks are also durable and will last a long time. In order to ensure they last their lifespan it’s important to try to protect them. A big issue with many oil tanks can be vandalism. The additional tank incorporated into bunded oil tanks domestic mean that the primary tank and the oil are protected within the outer tank. This means that this type of tank is a safer option against vandalism thanks to the design.

You should also check that any gauges and alarms are working effectively , such as the Smart Meter, as these can alert you if a leak occurs.

Ensuring that your tank is regularly serviced by an OFTEC-qualified technician is also a worthwhile investment, as it can help protect against spills and breakdowns.

For more information about bunded tanks, please contact your local depot for further details.