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A good time to check your heating oil tank

Home heating oil tankThe Summer is a good time to pay more attention to the condition of your heating oil tank. The hotter months means people are filling up less and that means the oil levels are usually lower, making it easier to carry out any inspection and maintenance work.

You should always get a qualified professional to inspect your tank system at least once a year. Take action to fix any problems or concerns they report to you.

However, you can check your tank, pipework and bund for:

  • signs of corrosion or degradation (oil staining, rust, discolouration, cracks, crazing)
  • damage, interference and any obvious leaks
  • signs of distortion or bulging.

Check that:

  • access points, sight gauge and vents are correctly closed and/or shielded to prevent rainwater, dirt or insects from getting inside
  • the external bund doesn’t have large amounts of water or oil in it and it’s free of rubbish or plants.

Check the contents gauge
Mechanical – operation and linkages by simulating operation.
Electronic – battery condition and indication of level changes.
Sight gauge – operation, security, clarity, condition, cleanliness and valve position (open and closed).
Ask a competent person to show you how your contents gauge works.

Check the surroundings for:

  • obvious changes in the supporting structure and base
  • oil staining on supports or ground near the tank (report this to the oil supplier if you find this immediately after a delivery).

If you need any further advice then please contact your local depot or read our home heating oil page for more information.